£500 Road Trip Challenge: Part 2

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Alex, Jack and Ethan continue on their epic adventure around Scotland and the NC500. This week, they take the cars on some awesome new roads and the cars face some tough challenges.
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Comentarii: 2 870

  • You should make more of these videos asap, this is giving of those old topgear vibes

  • The production on this is stellar. From 3 blokes in their house to TV level quality is amazing.

    Nick SimsNick Sims
  • The Saxo is an absolute shredder

  • I love that old cars are so cheap over in England.

  • The whole "no reverse / no reserve" saga is some of the funniest shit I've seen in years! :-D

  • The whole segment from

    Aart van der spankAart van der spank
  • One of THE best CT episodes yet, Alex discovering he had reverse gear is a golden moment as was that backward bicycle...hope there’s a future for that plucky Saxo. Part 3 bring it on!!!!!

    Lot 76 CARSLot 76 CARS
  • The way they sabotaged Jack's Saxo is such a top-gear thing

    balalaiKa /balalaiKa /
  • This was a great mini series. I myself drive trucks for a living and love that I can see new places throughout the USA. You guys should definitely keep this series going! The 3 musketeers we didn’t know we needed!! Love from Miami Florida !

    Aldo FuenzalidaAldo Fuenzalida
  • This channel is great, you've got a short arsed Clarkson and a 6'2" Hammond.

    Tony LingTony Ling
  • What a mint series, Jacks subtle but effective humour is a right laugh he makes me piss 😂

    bssni touirbssni touir
  • I’ve been a subscriber almost since the beginning and these guys on Car Throttle have really come on in leaps and bounds. Like others have said on here, this is really becoming like mainline shows like Top Gear. Keep up the great work Musketeers……

    Aidy MaddAidy Madd
  • This truly is filling my top-gear gap in my heart. What an absolute joy these are to watch!

  • i like how jack knew that golf could reverse but still helped alex to push it back

    geo boobzgeo boobz
  • I enjoyed this little series more than The Grand Tour’s recent stuff, fantastic work guys.

  • I haven't watched a car show this amazing since pre super car Top Gear. Well done lads, CT definitely a cut above the rest of the car shows

    I came to destroyI came to destroy
  • I just love the relationship between Alex and Ethan. When Alex bumps into Ethan and he gets all mad and annoyed about it while Alex just stands there and is like "Oh no... anyway" :))))

    Teodor CalinTeodor Calin
  • Love this. As everyone says, better than current Top Gear. You 3 are a laugh. More please

    Craig KnightCraig Knight
  • The idea of fixing them up with a budget and go on another road trip to see how much did they improve sounds absolutely amazing

  • Love the idea that more is coming from these cars and the first thing I thought when I saw these was...the track. Can't wait.

    Nathan ShutesNathan Shutes