Testing Tesla's Autopilot System At 70mph

What’s it really like trusting a car with your life at 70mph? Alex finds out by handing over complete control to the Tesla Model S fitted with ‘Autopilot’ mode!
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Comentarii: 4 316

  • Does it move over to the slow lane when there's someone behind you but not in front? That would be revolutionary cause it seems humans haven't figured that out yet.

    jhowe427jhowe427Acum 6 ani
  • This system is amazing and I admire Tesla's engineering effort. My only worry is that in a few decades autonomous cars will be so ubiquitous and deemed safer than human drivers, thus outlawing driving altogether. As someone who enjoys driving a lot, that's a big concern I have.

    Paul HojdaPaul HojdaAcum 6 ani
  • I can see future arguments developing with Tesla cars as they get smarter. Gangs of Tesla cars hanging out not doing what there owners tells them. Late night shenanigans.

    DrumtotheBass WoopDrumtotheBass WoopAcum 5 ani
  • Try this car in India

    Andi Gigatera Halil MakkasauAndi Gigatera Halil MakkasauAcum 3 ani
  • In many cases, this car is a better driver than a human.

    MudRFunRMudRFunRAcum 6 ani
  • While I know some of these are a reaction of the driver, and some of these aren’t even Tesla’s; the technology in Tesla’s are truly amazing. Most accidents are caused by human error so I think autonomous cars could be a real asset in the future. I know people don’t like “not being in control” but the fact of the matter is usually computers can react waaaay faster than humans can, thus preventing accidents. Besides, half of the drivers on the road are horrendous drivers and a computer would be far better than their driving. I do understand the car enthusiasts don’t want this to happen, but I think if a majority of the cars on the road were autonomous with just a very small minority actual humans driving, we would cut back on accidents IMMENSELY. Just my thoughts. Besides, more than half of your Flight on a plane is flown by a computer, the pilots are there Incase of error, and take offs and landings (although a lot of planes have auto-land referred to as ILS)

    KeithKeithAcum 4 ani
  • You can choose how far you want to be away... 3 car lengths, 2 car lengths, 1 car length, or bmw driver mode...

    Samuel HumphreysSamuel HumphreysAcum 5 ani
  • The best review ive seen for this feature. I love how down to earth your videos are, one of the best car channels on ROburn by far, keep them coming! :P

    FishShapedCatFishShapedCatAcum 6 ani
  • I love how this channel manages to put interesting information into a video in a funny but not rediculous way. great work!

    Caspar A.Caspar A.Acum 6 ani
  • So if you keep it in this autonomous mode on the motorway, does it actually take the right exists towards your destination or does it just keep going straight?

    ZackZackAcum 5 ani
  • Great video and I fully agree with your thoughts. Autopilot makes me driving completely relaxed, compared to being stressed, nervous and aggressive on "Audi distance" in the fast lane. Once you have that feature and you get used to it, you can't live without it. I'm looking forward to have much more (semi-) autonomous cars on the streets, it will make our streets safer.

    Luke SchneiderLuke SchneiderAcum 5 ani
  • This could definitely help with traffic congestion. The cars can coordinate with each other easily, so traffic issues will lessen. That's what I'm most excited about for the future.

    Governm3ntGovernm3ntAcum 4 ani
  • You should try to open all your windows and sit in the back. People would really confused.

    Dmitriy lDmitriy lAcum 5 ani
  • Great video!

    MetalbirdMetalbirdAcum 6 ani
  • awesome video and great to see the channel growing bigger and bigger everyday. keep up the good work.

    Özgür Meriç ÖzerÖzgür Meriç ÖzerAcum 6 ani
  • "3 car lengths, 2 car lengths, and then Audi length."

    Haydn DaileyHaydn DaileyAcum 4 ani
  • I just love this car! I hope Tesla will release a more affordable model soon. If it is going to be a good deal, they will have my money for sure..

    pcfreak1992pcfreak1992Acum 6 ani
  • This can only work in full if all the rest of vehicles are also autonomous. All drivers have encountered some really tough spots that even challenge a human (weird crossroads with narrow lines and wrong signs, accidents on the road, etc). Imagine if a human gets confused or almost confused how would the machine react? It could probably stop but that can lead to more problems. Because the rest of vehicles might be driven by humans who won't react same as machines. That's the problem

    Georgios F.Georgios F.Acum 4 ani
  • Main moral of the story:

    Ryizer kovichRyizer kovichAcum 5 ani
  • This video's very interesting and I mostly enjoyed it, particularly the recognition that cruise is a great way to drive a bit slower and feel far less tense about keeping a speed up. It's something I've noticed. And I bet you noticed your kWh go down a fair bit...

    Christopher WoodsChristopher WoodsAcum 6 ani