Can We Flip A Car For Profit?

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This week, the guys have got £5000 to spend on a car that they'll fix up, and (hopefully) flip for a healthy profit!
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Comentarii: 849

  • Anyone else notice how Alex totally AVOIDED an arm wrestling rematch after his devastating loss???

  • Alex: "we need to fit graphics to stop it looking like a fridge"

    Aaron MarshAaron Marsh
  • Would be great if they get a phone call….

  • Yeah removing the black wheel trim for those "here's a super cheap car" trims were not the move.. but taking that aside, nice work!

  • Having the VW alloys would make a big difference. Great car anyway, keep up

    Yann AraujoYann Araujo
  • The VW Up! actually has a long life timing belt on it because of its slightly off rounded cam gears, meaning it only tensions the belt when required for valve action. The belt is meant to last the life of the vehicle (being an Up, that was probably meant to only be 5 years).

    Ferdinand ReischFerdinand Reisch
  • Having the genuine hubcaps for a car really shows that it’s been looked after. Most of the time I avoid looking at cars with replacement ones as it means it’s been driven in a way that makes them fall off, and the owner hasn’t cared to replace them properly!

    John GarlandJohn Garland
  • Can’t believe you didn’t consider a Type R. Cult following easy to flip

    John PetersonJohn Peterson
  • The first 30 seconds of solid eye contact from the dog had me, he's like "Ive seen what's on that laptop Alex, it's time to fess up"

    S CheatleS Cheatle
  • Should have stuck some genuine VW UP! wheel trims on from eBay. For £100 you can get 4 used UP! alloys on eBay and they're nice to look at too.

    Liam SiviterLiam Siviter
  • I love how the dog sits perfectly upright and stares at Alex at the beginning of the's as if the dog is thinking "I am totally and utterly captivated and fascinated by what Alex is saying"....or maybe it's just close to dinner time?

  • can this just be a series that lasts forever, i just love this style of video, and this format.

    Ewan CleggEwan Clegg
  • 9:50

  • So glad there’s another video! Was wondering where you guys had gone! Those wheels trims are vile though!

  • Last service 2016.

    Jai SabaiJai Sabai
  • Love the challenges. Especially when it’s in a series 😍

    I YI Y
  • I would love that Car throttle would make a lot these type of series, like flipping and selling

    Short stupid thoughtsShort stupid thoughts
  • Put a CT sticker and re-selling guaranteed within an hour

  • Just went to see a £6k Astra SRi today, what a dog of a machine; the markings on the buttons for the stereo had worn off, the alloy bolts were covered in white furry alloy rust and I can't imagine the mileage was genuine at 53k. Dodged a bullet I reckon!

    Jamal TyroneJamal Tyrone
  • I owned an entry level up! as my first car and a top model up! as my second car great little cars cheap to run but both cars developed a sticky handbrake where the back wheel would lock would lock up wondering if anyone else had this problem?

    Daniel RichardsDaniel Richards