How To Make A Slow Car Fast For FREE 2!

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On this week's episode, Alex and Gareth find out how fast they can make the £1 Volvo without spending a penny!
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Comentarii: 1 412

  • I love these episodes, they should be an entire series, vehicle with the highest percentage time dropped sits atop the leader board bonus points for be able to sell parts off of them, do an E class next.

    michael ciancimichael cianci
  • Nearly choked myself to death when Ethan said ‘there’s another jack over there’ the corniest jokes always get me

  • Jack: the volvo is on its last legs

  • "There's a lot of diesel coming in"

  • These are the sort of episodes that got me into car throttle and what kept me, glad to see a return to form.

    Francis SutherlandFrancis Sutherland
  • if that volvo had fresh tyres on it it would actually beat the vrs around the track amazing results

  • Don’t let this video fool you into thinking all old Volvos are slow. Some of them are wicked fast sleepers 🔥

    James MooreJames Moore
  • Anyone old enough to remember when Skodas’ were the butt of a million jokes.

  • The shot at the start line that pulled out of the boot of the car was incredible. Well done!

    Fachaa ProductionsFachaa Productions
  • I'd love to see more episodes like this, and possibly with Subaru's too! I'd love to see that!

    With CarsWith Cars
  • We NEED more of this. This needs to be a series

    Lucas MarquesLucas Marques
  • Older v70s hold a special place in my heart, I’m sad to see one get messed up!

  • 16:30

  • I have a same volvo d5 120kw, but damn, i have it tuned to 160kw and its a diesel monster! And that pure 5-cyl sound🤤

    Kristeritto ツKristeritto ツ
  • More cheep car challenges, and a series on an off-roader!! But most importantly Podcast! Love this stuff you do! Keep this up!

    Alex JonesAlex Jones
  • Just imagine the laptime if the Volvo was on Pilot Sport tyres.

  • I'd love to see a proper drift build and see you guys actually drift it.

    Justin JeromeJustin Jerome
  • 38k for a diesel Skoda Octavia is absolutely ridiculous.

    Charlie BeltonCharlie Belton
  • Found myself grinning throughout this ep!

    London CREAMLondon CREAM
  • take out the dash, headliner, front carpet, rear seat belts, rear glass, seat anchors and i bet you've got it that additional .25 seconds in you.

    michael ciancimichael cianci