How To Beat The Crazy Fuel Prices

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  • Had me absolutely cracking up with the Fake Taxi stuff, the blurred face was gold 😂 😂😂

    Luke BarnesLuke Barnes
  • They're so knowledgeable about the features they found in this one missing from the taxis they have recently seen and how drivers interact with passengers. Sounds like they had done a lot of very specialist taxi research.

  • Seems like Alex and jack are well knowledge

  • Anyone else want too see them mod the hell out off this 😂

    Jackson 92Jackson 92
  • It’s a good job you do entertainment and comedy based car content as no one could ever take serious car advice from someone who bought an X5

    Peter MackenziePeter Mackenzie
  • If you guys moded this by removing weight, you could have an eco-friendly track day car. If you made it into a public event with "Chippies", you could use the waste oil from their operations selling "chips" to your spectators/fans/subscribers, and then race for free. Possibly even profit. I really like where this is going.

  • The fake taxi referencess. Had me laughing hard😂😂😭

    Azad VartanAzad Vartan
  • Love how you guys first did a lot of research on where to best mount the cameras in the taxi. There sure are a lot of helpfull videos out there that have the same setup as yours. Good job 👏🏼

    Levin BeLevin Be
  • "What would you do with that money that you'd save?"

    Electric RavenElectric Raven
  • For my American friends who are wondering how the price of fuel translates from pounds/l to dollars/gal, the price shown at

  • A few years back I ran an old Polo SDI on a

    Stewart MacdonaldStewart Macdonald
  • Alex said TX4 and my immediate thought was "Those are common rail and they get terrible fuel mileage" but they made it worse by buying a ticking timebomb transit engined TX2 lol

    Ash'ab R.Ash'ab R.
  • These style of videos are literally my favourite thing to watch on ROburn

    Bilal MahmoodBilal Mahmood
  • Great video, would be interesting to see a budget LPG conversion with a race or see how long you could go on one tank

    Christian GrantChristian Grant
  • Absolutely golden this episode. Haven’t laughed like this in ages. All the best guys.

    yaliso gioouyyaliso gioouy
  • I love how innocent Ethan is, his stupidity makes me chuckle😂

    Jubair AhmedJubair Ahmed
  • That’s a cool episode. I was always curious about those. I’d like to see you guys improve it. Not by scrapping or painting black and putting yellow sticker, but fixing breaks and steering. Headlamps looks dimmed too. If not rusted bolts Ethan should be able to do some work on simple technology. Good detail can turn it around.

  • Love the fake taxi rodeo absolutely class 😂 should’ve done a video in the taxi on how the whole government fucked us in such very little time 😂

    Jubair AhmedJubair Ahmed
  • This is genuinely the most useful car show on or off TV. Good work lads

    James AndersonJames Anderson
  • The knocking sound in old Volvos usually comes from the OAP locked in the boot.

    54 MGTF54 MGTF