We Turned Our £100 MR2 Into An Unstoppable Off-Roader

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We take our Hot Wheels MR2 to the gnarliest off-road course we know to test it to the limit!
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Comentarii: 537

  • It's basically like a DIY Ariel nomad. Especially with the orange accents it looks great

    Tom ColeTom Cole
  • I was gonna say this is one of the best builds you’ve done, but I think the credit should go to Bruno!

    Team Handsome 1974Team Handsome 1974
  • There's a hill climb for 2wd cars every first Sunday in February, in Dursley, monster of a hill and always some mad cars. Very few make it up, this thing would be great at it.

    Dursley Turd PolishersDursley Turd Polishers
  • The fact that Alex says "transition" but the editor doesn't transition really cracks me up.

  • Alex: Look how heavy these wheels and tyres are!!!

  • Alex: Bruno, can you guess what we've named our mr2?

    Ted VlogsTed Vlogs
  • "Its probably worth a bit more now" , yep it's scrap weight has almost doubled 🤣

    dean kingdean king
  • That’s actually a good looking car! Really shocked from the difference, from when you began pulling chunks off it. If only it had an engine twice as big...

    Stinky BisquitStinky Bisquit
  • Lovely how good it sounds when you give it the beans

    Kyle Plata SilverKyle Plata Silver
  • When the paintball guns came out that’s the first time Bruno properly smiled, he’s been sick of Alex’s shit for the passed couple of weeks and now it’s payback 😂

    Michael CurrieMichael Currie
  • I always felt the two first generations of the MR2 was cooler than the last one - untill now. It was just made to be an off road buggy! Looks amazing!

    Niklas WejedalNiklas Wejedal
  • I love how Ethan stayed far away from paintballs this time 😂

    Tresean WilliamsTresean Williams
  • Bring back the trade up series!!

    Naheed UddinNaheed Uddin
  • What a job you guys did on that MR2 well done Bruno 💪💪

    Michael StauntonMichael Staunton
  • this thing looks amazing! My only issue with it is the yellow front bumper... Why doesn't it match the rest of the piping??

    Jonathan H.Jonathan H.
  • Congratulations on making a modern, heavy, vw beach bug 😂

  • The sound of that exhaust sweet.... 👏👏

  • 5 dislikes in 18 minutes .... obviously the mr2 owners club in a rage 😡😂

    Barron WrightBarron Wright
  • Now see how far you can get through that puddle that killed proton & Suzuki got stuck in

    Ian TownsendIan Townsend
  • Do they still have the Mud Type? I'd love to see a contest between that and the MR2.