Living With A G-Wiz

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Check out Driving Electric's video on the G-Wiz:
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Comentarii: 723

  • The bloke on the bike overtaking was hilarious, the fact he was laughing made it funnier 😂

    Nathan SpiveyNathan Spivey
  • I literally call everyone a maniac if they overtake me, a homage to Clarkson doing the Peugeot skit lol

  • Seen a G-Wiz in south London the other day figured it might be this but it was LK07 (Someone else is actually using one of these...)😅

  • you guys are doing so good. There is the slightest feeling of the Old Top Gear creeping in which is an incredible feat to capture. Focus on what you're creating and don't try to copy the old TG do everything original and you'll capture the audience - From a long time fan of your content

    Matt GieMatt Gie
  • Being overtaken by a cyclist is shameful. But being overtaken by a cyclist without a helmet while you are the one wearing one is ridiculous.

    Re neRe ne
  • It's amazing how electric cars have evolved, the Citeron Ami is cheaper, faster and can go further. Let's hope progress marches as quickly over the next decade.

    Tom CowleyTom Cowley
  • You need to put a 1000cc bike engine in one of these, it would make a hilarious vehicle

  • I could watch the bit where Jack appears with the wheelie bin all day! The little smirk on his face. 😂

  • The most hilarious part of this is the opening shot. Alex looks to be a perfectly reasonable size next to a Gee Whizz hahaha

    Sean O'ReillySean O'Reilly
  • Make it into a budget electric off roader!

    Crusade Against TomatoesCrusade Against Tomatoes
  • Does no lights on the dash mean there wasn’t even enough power for the warning lights?

  • Things that absolutely got me in this video... 1. Wing mirrors folded in for maximum aerodynamics 2. The laughing Cyclist 3. That the fastest this car went was when it was being towed xD

    Twinkzilla -Twinkzilla -
  • That looked hella fast at the outro! How fast did he towed you, that must have felt horrific above 25mph in the Gwiz. 😂😂

    Cierra SartmannCierra Sartmann
  • This brings back great top gear vibes while remaining unique which is very hard to do on ROburn. Great channel been a fan for years keep up the good content

    The Ferrari GuyThe Ferrari Guy
  • "Barry is faster with 4 men inside of him"

    Kajus GGGKajus GGG
  • I wonder if this could be "overclocked" with lithium batteries instead? Should make a bit more power and the range should increase quite drastically

  • An upload once every two weeks is far to little. We want more 🤣

  • This is golden! So much laughter from this video keep it going lads. Love from Kelowna Canada 🇨🇦

    sol sessionssol sessions
  • This guy needs his own standup show so funny!! 🤣

  • "There are no lights on the dash" You know your car is an unreliable shitbox when not having warning lights worries you