£5000 Car Flip Challenge

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This week, the guys target their second car to make a healthy profit on. Find out how they get on!
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Honda Civic Type R
Nissan 350z



Comentarii: 1 068

  • I think we need more Jack presenting. Took the lead like a pro in Alex's absence

  • Ethan's character development holy shit

  • Ethan didn’t check the oil cap for milky residue! That breaks my heart to see such a tradition being forgotten 😢

    Andrew PyvovarovAndrew Pyvovarov
  • I flipped my first one after i hit some standing water 😆

    SUAS MediaSUAS Media
  • How have we got this far into a car buying and selling series without anyone saying “OLD AAT YER AAAANNNNNDDDDDD”?

  • LOVE these longer episodes. Enough to sit down for my tea and enjoy

  • Love how Jack kept the Saab. It was slow as balls but it’s genuinely a really nice looking car

  • Controversial opinion but I’d actually pay more for scuffed up standard colour wheels over black ones.

  • Nice to see Jack still driving the Saab. Would love an update whats happening with it.

    Arttu MatilainenArttu Matilainen
  • "No one likes to put it in dry" grande Bruno xD

  • £5k - what a bargain - well done boys and especially Ethan! Who knew..? £5k!! Amazing

    ashley dickensashley dickens
  • First they became Top Gear and now they’ve become Wheeler Dealers (OLD AAT YA AND) 🥰 🥰🥰🥰!!!!!

    William HarrisWilliam Harris
  • "No one likes to put it in dry" 😂

    Tommyboi 666Tommyboi 666
  • The chill Jack and Ethan combo needs to be used more often.

  • I was honestly looking at Z4 coupes right at the start of the pandemic but thought that'd maybe be an awful first car.

  • The black wheels look a bit tacky imo. I probably would have just refurbed them in silver and keep the original look.

  • CarThrottle always make my day!

    Adam QurabiAdam Qurabi
  • I can't believe the prices you get in the UK, un fuckin believable. That coupe goes for more than double in the rest of EU. Very jelly!

  • Z4 Coupe is a great choice! And yes, that is coming from someone who bought one recently too. Seems like they're starting to get the attention they deserve. Great video guys!

    Foot to PedalFoot to Pedal
  • Absolutely love this content! Keep it coming boys!