What Your Exhaust Smoke Is Trying To Tell You

Unusual smoke from your exhaust is rarely a good sign, so here is a round-up of the possible diagnosis, be it good, bad or seriously ugly.
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Comentarii: 1 584

  • What does Tesla's black smoke means ?

    FreeViagraFreeViagraAcum 5 ani
  • I put a potato in my exhaust because I didn't like the white smoke that was coming out. I get a little lightheaded and sleepy while driving but it's been fine so far

    Andrew MurphyAndrew MurphyAcum 5 ani
  • I really love this educational series. Unfortunately, I know the kinds of smoke too well.

    kilésengatikilésengatiAcum 5 ani
  • Simple rule of thumb

    JoshhM97JoshhM97Acum 5 ani
  • I've also noticed that a turbo seal failure on the turbine (hot side) can lead to lots of white smoke with a distinct oil smell.

    batchnerdbatchnerdAcum 4 ani
  • Suddenly everyone in cold weather countries has possible head gasket failure on their minds

    tojejik Yotojejik YoAcum 5 ani
  • The only smoke coming from Subaru's are the owners vaping...

    statesidesupercarsstatesidesupercarsAcum 5 ani
  • I found this video at just the right time. I get white "smoke" when I start my van up, but it goes away real quick once I drive. Good to know it's nothing to worry about.

    D0wnshiftD0wnshiftAcum 5 ani
  • this video actually cured like 100% of my stress

    NeedsMore KaiNeedsMore KaiAcum 5 ani
  • "you got blue smoke coming from your exhausts"

    Lowie TLowie TAcum 5 ani
  • What if the "ambient temperature" is fairly cold (say 0 C/32 Fahrenheit or a few degrees colder)? Could you then expect white smoke even after having driven 20-30 minutes? Also, is the fact that the car is not leaking/loosing coolant a not as reliable sign of possible blown head gasket if it is winter and colder than in the summer when it is wormer? Thanks in advance!

    GurraGoGurraGoAcum 4 ani
  • Red smoke means it's that time of month.

    FDBFDBAcum 5 ani
  • My exhaust smoke tells me its to cold to go outside.

    Sword of damoclesSword of damoclesAcum 5 ani
  • Excellent video! Clear and concise! I need to use some of your technique on my channel. Thanks for sharing.

    Clint HightowerClint HightowerAcum 4 ani
  • Blue smoke can also be from a leaking valve cover gasket. It doesn't automatically mean you have piston blowby or need new seals in the head

    Century HelixCentury HelixAcum 4 ani
  • what if I have 10 foot flames coming out of my exhaust?

    Pavlo5.0Pavlo5.0Acum 5 ani
  • Thanks for this vid, very helpful. I have blue smoke from a diesel car on start up, looking at possible worn piston rings or gasket seals, a quick compression test has shown things arent good.

    Craig GradidgeCraig GradidgeAcum 3 ani
  • Informative and to the point. Well done!

    AttheWell1AttheWell1Acum 5 ani
  • If you own a Subaru, you get all 3 at once.

    Shika RacingShika RacingAcum 5 ani
  • Really informative video!:) more like this would be awesome!

    Matt DixonMatt DixonAcum 5 ani