eBay Time Ending Soonest Cheap Car Challenge

This week, the guys challenge themselves to buy any car on eBay, sorting by time ending soonest. But what will they get?
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Comentarii: 1 274

  • Can we just make 5 seconds of silence for the person who bid over £1600 on that old fiat uno 😔

    MR G - GHXMR G - GHX
  • Surely this is now Jack’s turn to do a 48 hour in the car challenge?! More luxury than Alex’s challenge and appropriate in size ratio 🤷‍♂️😂

    Ben TiptonBen Tipton
  • Challenge: Everybody has 4h to buy a car for less than 1k. If they still have some money left, they can modify the car with the rest of the money. After this they drive to Germany to go on a lap on the Nurburgring. Who ever drives the fastest lap wins.

    Chris KChris K
  • “Floor it. Floor it.. No, Jack Floor it…”

    Em's Tek TubeEm's Tek Tube
  • I need to know how many cars Jack owns. I feel like this guy has a ton of cars.

    Albert LiraAlbert Lira
  • Apart from being a lowly 1.6, it's a really nice car, and far better condition than the price would suggest.

  • im lost for words what an absolute gem i would love one of these in this condition im mega jealous

  • That 'weird' place of rust below the window is very likely because either somebody tried to steal it or locked the keys in the car...during the 'fishing' they damaged the paint under the seal.

  • I love how Jack is still driving around in that SAAB from the challenge video.

    Surge DashcamSurge Dashcam
  • That fiat uno perfectly encapsulates the utter madness of car prices this last year.

    Fan TasticFan Tastic
  • A challenge I would LOVE to see is a blindfolded car guessing game. It would be hilarious to see Ethan trying to guess a car only by hearing the exhaust note, the sound of the doors closing or being a passenger in a test drive.

    Ignacio RomeroIgnacio Romero
  • It's got the optional indicator package too!

    Les RogersLes Rogers
  • A great challenge, would be finding a shirt that actually fits him

  • Jack fell in love with the car the moment Alex turned the laptop round! 😂

  • Never seen Jack grin for the entirety of any other video 😂

    Glen PeacockGlen Peacock
  • I love these cheap car challenges! Ending soonest especially as it's so risky!

    I've got a Jaag and a Staag!I've got a Jaag and a Staag!
  • I would literally watch bi-daily content from you guys. I swear I am addicted to Car Throttle.

  • Now we need all 3 on separate laptops bidding on cars individually so there’s competition to get the best bang for your buck. They might even be out bidding eachother which would be hilarious 🤣

  • Love how happy Jack was when he found out it was an E36 👌🏽😂

    James HarkerJames Harker
  • I live for Alex's brewer impression 🤝🏻

    Joe RJoe R