Off-Road Vs Overland: 4x4 BATTLE

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This week, Alex, Jack and Ethan take their Overland & Off-Road builds on an epic 4x4 camping and off-road adventure!
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Comentarii: 728

  • Best car guy trio since top gear

    Chris LChris L
  • That last scene where Jack and Ethan keep challenging Alex would be a good ad for Terrafirma and/or Landrover.

    Damien BennetDamien Bennet
  • This has to be one of the best challenges you guys have done to date.

  • A real return to form...getting right into top gear territory when it was good.

    Nigel ParishNigel Parish
  • Let's face it, both of these are awesome builds... well-done lads 👍

    The Back RoadsThe Back Roads
  • I would love to see more of this but take the cars all across the Uk to mountain sites etc. Please don't just end this series. Show off your country and have tons of new footage!

  • The d3 would’ve handled many of those challenges too. Not sure why you didn’t attempt them.

    Richard WeerasingheRichard Weerasinghe
  • Sorry alex as being a disco owner I did laugh when you said reliability 🤣 mines a money pit!

  • This is certainly my favorite series you've done. This is the closest thing to old Top Gear I've seen. Quality, banter, humor, camera work. Great job boys!

    Cole AdcockCole Adcock
  • 8:15

  • This series was great, kinda short though. More of this kind of stuff please.

  • Id have loved to see the overlander attempt the same as the td5, i reckon it would have done all of those!

    Alfie WestonAlfie Weston
  • As a country kid, can confirm this was all very tame for a disco 2 haha, always remember, the only time I've seen one really stuck was half way up its doors in mud and in a hedge.

    Bob BobBob Bob
  • Like many comments here state; I would love to see more of these types of series, but longer/more episodes. Cheers guys!

    Al BeaAl Bea
  • 1:08

  • Keep the 4x4/offroad videos coming

    Al FaatihAl Faatih
  • Epic series, love to see some more off road stuff. Great cars but probably the 2 least likely cars I’d choose where I’m from to go on an off road trip😂 One crazy expensive to fix and the other you just need to fix all the time. Pretty insane what that Disco 2 can do though.

    Aquila Photo & FilmAquila Photo & Film
  • Is it just a coincidence that doughnut media also did a four-wheel-drive challenge? Regardless of the answer, I liked this segment and challenge. Looks like you guys had a bunch of fun, even Ethan was funny this time around.👍

    Schrodinger’s CatSchrodinger’s Cat
  • Best challenge you've ever done loved it, gutted there's no more

    curtis manningcurtis manning
  • Production quality is next level these days. Well done lads