The 7 Greatest Cars You Can Buy On A Seriously Tight Budget

We love nothing more than cheap cars with big thrills, that's why we're looking at the 7 best cars money can buy for £2000 and under...
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Comentarii: 3 712

  • I'm still amazed how incredibly lucky you Brits are when it comes to cars.

    asdf918asdf918Acum 6 ani
  • here in 2021 with a full updated price list to show appreciation/depreciation since the airing of this video

    Joseph BellJoseph Bell
  • All these cost at least 3 times more where I live. Yay for high taxes!

    DGDGAcum 6 ani
  • Now the issue is finding clean cheap ones

    SlammedSocietyS2k :pSlammedSocietyS2k :pAcum 5 ani
  • Here in canada, the TT quattro costs upwards of $8000 Canadian dollars and easily above $10000 for a nice one

    Bluelimes8Bluelimes8Acum 6 ani
  • "Sees car."

    Georgi ShishkovGeorgi ShishkovAcum 2 ani
  • You forgot the Veneno Roadster, a decent MX-5 rival.

    Thee AdjudicatorThee AdjudicatorAcum 5 ani
  • The Corrado is extremely rare, i've seen only two of them.

    Саня ЧерновСаня ЧерновAcum 5 ani
  • I can vouch for the Ep3. I paid 4000 (US dollars) for my 2004 Non type R. And it’s a blast to drive. Great fuel economy and it’s pretty fast. I can put it in second gear and put my foot in it and it brings a smile to my face

    Liam TidwellLiam TidwellAcum 4 ani
  • why are cars so cheap in the UK?

    Ricy013Ricy013Acum 5 ani
  • In India, owning a BMW, Mercedes or Audi automatically means you're rich!

    Rohan G. NairRohan G. NairAcum 5 ani
  • Insurance cost more for one year than most of these cars :/

    AlfredAlfredAcum 5 ani
  • Where I live, the Civic is over 6k, TT is 7k, the Corrado is up to 13k, Impreza is 10k, and the Miata goes up to 8k. Don't move to Canada unless youre fucking filthy rich.

    HeinHeinAcum 5 ani
  • I’ve got a 182 and they’re properly awesome not just for a cheap car. Great heavy communicative controls and a raw engine with awesome handling.

    Map HumpMap HumpAcum 3 ani
  • This is the best list ever made! I enjoyed this so much! Thank you CarThrottle!

    TheShinobi777TheShinobi777Acum 6 ani
  • i bought a Dakar Yellow E36 M3 six years ago i had the same issue. the rust was everywhere and the more i looked the more i realized i should of not of bough it. from the outside it looked amazing. the inside was well kept, but underneath it was falling apart with the rust. The E36 just looked so pretty and i could not help my self and well all i can say it was a lesson well learned

    Golden ShellbackGolden ShellbackAcum 5 ani
  • I love the ep3 my pops had one, learned manual in it. I keep on looking on the used market for on with the intention of a k24 swap. You can find a clean one for around 6-7k anything under that is going to be a compromise. I keep on thinking that cars in the uk are cheap but all the things you have to do to get it on the road in your name brings it close to US prices.

    OBKOBKAcum 6 ani
  • I paid £1,200 for a 99 plate BMW E46 with 81,000 on the clock 7 years ago and it's still going strong.

    A MooreA MooreAcum 2 ani
  • I like how the first "budget" type car is a Type R... fuck me

    LimeTimeHDLimeTimeHDAcum 5 ani
  • Me personally, I like the mk4 gtis. Pretty inexpensive and fun to drive. They come stock with a 1.8t and are fun to work on

    Chris HingerChris HingerAcum 6 ani