We Bought The Cheapest (And Most Hated) Electric Car

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This week, the guys reveal a brand new project 'car' that is sure to divide opinions! (Viewer discretion advised!)
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Comentarii: 2 420

  • I’d love if @carthrottle did a scrap car challenge where they save 3 cars from being scrapped and find who has the best car and who can make it better.

  • Long distance trip with Gary sounds like some proper entertainment 🤣

  • Put a diesel generator on a trailer and run it as a hybrid. would be interesting how much MPG you get 🙂

  • Son unos

    Kathy GonzalesKathy Gonzales
  • I would love to see the G-Wiz converted to LiPo batteries like some Tesla or Nissan Leaf cells, I can imagine that old brushed motor can take some serious amps!

    Matthew HealMatthew Heal
  • 17:00

    Guillaume GaudinGuillaume Gaudin
  • I'd love to see this as a drag electric car (sorry quadricycle) Small cage big power electric motor, what could possibly go wrong

    Mike RichardsMike Richards
  • This seems like the perfect car for Jack to do a 24 hours in a car challenge I think.

    Sam CowanSam Cowan
  • I’m personally grateful to the G-Wiz, since I owned an Austin Allegro (my dads old car I inherited) so I only had the second worst car

    Ian HIan H
  • 23:23

    Andrea KingAndrea King
  • I’d like to see it on some JDM 10” wheels, lowered with a nice paint job. Full interior refurb too.

  • 1 ❤ Hermosa eleccion

    Cindy GreenCindy Green
  • This thing looks like it would be a lot of fun for booting around a large private property. Can't wait to see the hypermiling video! After that maybe try some mods to improve performance. 😂

    One Sad TechOne Sad Tech
  • Love to see all 3 of you guys doing a long distance journey in this to see if it'll make it to a certain point using charging points up and down the country lol

    mike ricketts-roylemike ricketts-royle
  • I work on forklifts for a living and it was so weird to see the same motor controller you’d find in an electric forklift, and hear the same click from the contactor engaging when you turn the key… though I’m sure the motors in my forklifts have a bit more power 😂

    Devan BlankDevan Blank
  • Budget ELECTRIC off roader:

    Crusade Against TomatoesCrusade Against Tomatoes
  • I would love to see Ethan try his hand at bodywork to reprint the whole car.

    Christopher MansonChristopher Manson
  • That thing is a deathtrap. Shows how far you guys are willing to go for content, thanks guys!!

  • Lower it, get some wider wheels, make it faster and more of a deathtrap. Perfection.

    Matt TMatt T
  • I absolutely love how proud ethan was with the V5 joke 😊