Here’s What An Engine With 432,000 Miles Looks Like Inside

This week, we've taken the heroic high-mileage Octavia to VAG specialist Volks Techniks where we'll pull the engine apart and show what damage, if any, has been done.
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Comentarii: 5 134

  • My daily-driver 97 Plymouth Grand Voyager 3.3L V6 has 419,000 miles, I changed the rod and crank bearings last year and the old ones still looked brand new. My parents bought it new back in the day and I inherited it a few years ago when my Stepdad passed away.

    Special EDySpecial EDyAcum 3 ani
  • The legendary 1.9TDI :). These engines refuse to die.

    PickamovePickamoveAcum 3 ani
  • it boggles my mind how engines can go on for SO LONG when you imagine the actual operation and high temperatures and speeds going on inside it

    PeachyPeachyAcum 2 ani
  • That's amazing! I'm sitting here with a car that has 150k miles. I've owned the car since it had just over 20k and have taken decent, not perfect, care of it so I decided I'm going to put some money into common repairs and maintenance this year. So far I replaced struts, rotors, brakes, alternator, and starter. Next, I'm going to replace the bearings and suspension parts going out. Soon I'll have the timing belt replaced and changed some less common fluids in the car that often get neglected. I would like my car to last me at least another 3-5 years and $1-2k in repairs is nothing compared to car payments over 3-5 years. I do most of the work myself of course which saves at least half the cost on repairs or maintenance. Thanks so much for this video!

    Stay PositiveStay PositiveAcum an
  • Not only was that car properly maintained, but it was properly driven too. That means not driven near full throttle/higher rpm until fully warmed up. But it was driven a bit hard regularly once fully warmed up, but then driven lightly for the last several miles to let the turbo cool down. It was also driven regularly- never sitting for very long- and properly maintained and fixed. That kept all the seals good, kept the moisture out of the engine and brake system, and also kept rust from many surfaces that get hot when ran (and probably the owner washed it regularly too). That's why it has such good wear and low carbon. There is something to be said for mechanical sympathy... something that most drivers today don't even know exists.

    Bryan JonesBryan JonesAcum 3 ani
  • Absolutely a beast of an engine! Your examination undoubtedly proves that regular and proper service will ensure longevity of the mechanical parts.

    strabismus090strabismus090Acum 3 ani
  • In eastern eu these skodas are common to see with 1M kilometres (600k Miles)

    Adam skiAdam skiAcum 4 ani
  • Dyno test would have been cool to see. Wondering the horsepower it’s making now compare to new.....

    GoldCurency oGoldCurency oAcum 3 ani
  • Nine times out of ten, if you change the oil at regular intervals, your engine will last at least 200,000 miles. This engine looks great. I would love to see what the clearances are on the crank, bearings, pistons, and cylinder bores.

    Thomas TaylorThomas TaylorAcum 2 ani
  • "Happy little valves and pistons" - Bob Ross

    Pilgrim777Pilgrim777Acum 2 ani
  • It's great to watch this video. I had a 52 plate 1.9tdi Octavia Estate from 2005-2019. It was the best car I'll ever own. The original battery lasted 16 years. Most of the problems were electrical like a door that wouldn't open and headlights that would suddenly go out! I once got over 99 mpg - stuck the car in 5th gear and chugged along a country road and the mpg went off the scale. It only got up to 200,000+ miles, but I wish I'd kept it running now. Cheers.

    D GlendayD Glenday
  • "If you look after an engine, there is no reason it should prematurely die." I raise you a 3 valve Ford triton.

    Devonte ForemanDevonte ForemanAcum 2 ani
  • The number one reason why this engine is so healthy is... No short trips! It always got weeeeell up to temperature, burned off a lot of carbon and just stacked mile after mile in it's ideal operating ranges. Continous speed motorway miles are generally like no miles at all.

    Marian SMarian SAcum 4 ani
  • mechanic said very smart words, regular service and good oil. that actually what makes engine do 600k+ miles

    Евгений ГординЕвгений ГординAcum 3 ani
  • The dedication and love caring you giving to Skoda and the way of presenting making me interest more & more, good work

    Midhun P RMidhun P RAcum 3 ani
  • This is amazing to see a car with such high mileage look so good

    Fans Lights and othersFans Lights and othersAcum an
  • It depends hugely on your driving style. Apart from protecting the engine parts, smooth driving also lowers the fuel consumption.

    Cristian RothCristian RothAcum 3 ani
  • It helps that it spent most of its time at operating temperature. Constantly driving one less than 10 miles before letting it cool back off, builds up more carbon and wear. Warm climates could better get away with constant 7-10 mile commutes but in the cold especially, the motor never fully warms up. In those cases, a coolant pre-heater will be beneficial.

    Issac NewtonIssac NewtonAcum 2 ani
  • In Germany the legendary 1.9 TDI engine which was built into nearly every Audi/VW/Skoda/Seat from 1997 to (i think) 03 or 04 is known to be one of the most reliable engines which were ever built.

    THD Lightfl4shTHD Lightfl4shAcum 4 ani
  • Awesome video, would be very interested to see a comparison on a diesel used just round town on high millage vs one that's been warmed up and looked after like this skoda... I had a 2.5 tdi a4 audi on 210k and engine was immaculate as was turbo, but car was used on motorways a lot!

    Tom JemmesonTom JemmesonAcum 3 ani