We Traded Up To Our Attainable Dream Car

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In our final episode of trading up cars, we search Autotrader for the perfect enthusiast car to end on!
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Comentarii: 1 718

  • This needs to be a permanent series. Maybe something like £500 to £50k

  • The Z4 was the real hero of this series. Ridiculously good buy.

  • “Are you mad bruv” the most quintessentially British thing said in this video. I love it

    Ralph GasconRalph Gascon
  • As an Aussie, was a little disappointed you guys didn’t get the Monaro. Still the 944 is a great car and it’s been such a good series to watch!!

    Thomas ButlerThomas Butler
  • I don't wanna see you do another serious of trading up... I want to see this one continue. Keep that budget rolling!

    Aaron EAaron E
  • "You have to be.. a Quaver to fit in side here". I love Jack, some of the things he comes out with is incredible. You can see the slot machine of words he's thinking of and end up with a crisp snack. It's perfect too, curled up and twisted.

  • Yoooo guys you need to keep this going. This is a brilliant series!

    Lewis HarlandLewis Harland
  • Would happily watch a continuous cycle of trading up series' forever even if we never got any other content. Absolutely brilliant.

    Bobby DennanBobby Dennan
  • That was effing brilliant as a mini series. Rory is also a legend. More!!!!

  • One question comes to my mind though : Why would someone take good care of his iconic car to finally sell it for under 7K pounds ? I don't get it...

  • ive been watching car throttle since 2015, and I'm loving every bits of em. and its just keep getting better. thank you for the great content guys.

    Muhammad AriefMuhammad Arief
  • For real now, I want this series to continue I want to see how far they can go from the 944 as a starting point now, this would be so much fun to watch!!

  • petition for them to make this series a usual reoccurrence. i enjoy this way to much

  • Keep this car for your personal collection alex, you have a history with it, its a beautiful base to make it 100% perfect

    the stigs European cousinthe stigs European cousin
  • This has been my favourite series you guy's have put out. Would love to see more!

    Connor SimmonsConnor Simmons
  • Love the 944, definitely underrated but is gaining traction among enthusiasts. But to be honest the Monaro was more exciting to me.

    sokin jonsokin jon
  • You guys NEEEEEED to continue this series! This is so exciting to watch, flipping cars to get a better one! What an amazing idea for a series! Please continue this!

    Deveshwar SharmaDeveshwar Sharma
  • I remember on Top Gear when May and Clarkson bought 944s in two separate challenges for £900 and £1500 respectively. Certainly an appreciating classic

    Waverley ProductionsWaverley Productions
  • You guys have bought my dream car! Amazing to see one on the channel, hope it's next owner keeps up with the service documentation as well as past owners. A 944 is of my upmost priority once I get driving and have a few years of NCD

  • Great job gentlemen, She looks so good!! and couldn't have gone to a better home, can't wait to see what you have in store for her next! take care and keep that history file up to date ;)

    Tim NunnTim Nunn