Can We Get Our £400 G-Wiz Road Legal?

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We take our G-Wiz for an MOT to find out what work needs doing to get it road's not good news!
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Filler cap DIY tutorial:
1) Locate filler cap
2) Remove filler cap
3) Buy a second G-Wiz
4) Locate filler cap
5) Remove filler cap
6) Replace filler cap



Comentarii: 1 610

  • Put a massive aerial on it and make it look like a remote control car 😂

  • Get a bike engine in Gary and see if you can beat both the BMW z3 times round the track :)

    Dan The manDan The man
  • I’d love to see you guys do a DIY body kit on Barry. Skirts, front splitter, wing etc, all bodged together, make him look like a proper touring car 😃

    Jon SJon S
  • Please turn it into a rolling rollcage before taking it on the road. Nobody wants to get to the pearly gates and admit they died in a GWiz

    Trü TerTrü Ter
  • The fact Alex liberated two poor wizzie owners from these monstrosities should alone be enough to put him on the Nice Santa list for this year's Christmas.

    X2yt PrimeX2yt Prime
  • Would love to see some hypermiling with a solar panel rigged up to the roof.

  • replace the rear axles with something solid then make a chain drive to the largest engine you dare put where the back seat was. think colin furze tuk tuk/ drift trike. make the worlds first formula drift g wizz.

    jem causerjem causer
  • First time since 2011 that Barry has had two men inside him. Good for you Barry 👍

  • switch all the batteries to lithium ion, it would weigh a lot less, discharge faster and increase acceleration

    Mark SawatskyMark Sawatsky
  • This Needs a big aerial (with the little orange triangle flag) and then get it as low as possible and drive it around car meets!

    Pablo PabloPablo Pablo
  • A genuine interest of mine would be to put a cheap bike engine in a G Wiz to make a super fuel efficient car. Everyone jumps to hayabusa engines but I think something like a CB500 would be mega fun, sound decent for a car, and do 50-60mpg. It also wouldn't cost the earth to buy, and you could probably have a quickshifter, which would be very sick fun even with 50hp.

  • I’ve had an idea for Gary: strip away his body panels, lights, doors and windows etc until your left with the steel frame construction that sits underneath then turn that into a buggy style go kart.

  • Should do a video of Alex living in side the G Wiz for 24 hours

    Joe SteadmanJoe Steadman
  • Jack had less fear on his face when he was being pushed by a truck!

    Jim BassJim Bass
  • Turn Gary into a pedal powered giwiz and bring him everywhere you do with Barry!

  • I feel like you've committed some crime trying to get these back to being road legal, and if it's not a crime it ought to be.

  • Could you put like a motorbike engine in it? Or a lawnmower engine, that would be quicker

    David ColsonDavid Colson
  • Tesla swapped g-wizz would be the death trap I always wanted

  • That car’s so bad I’m surprised it didn’t fail on “emissions” too!

    Philip BunkerPhilip Bunker
  • I swear every county in England has a garage named ‘4 Winds’

    J EJ E