More Things We Miss About Old Cars

Modern cars are festooned with touchscreens, airbags, beeps and bongs. Sure, they're safer than ever, but there are a few features of old cars that we really miss...PART 3!
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  • I miss the designs and vast differentiation between models, also having to actually modify your car to get more power out of it instead of just a quick tune. Hope all is well Alex!

  • I'm sorta in-between. I like early 2000's cars. Easy to work on, reliable, efficient, and modern but not too modern. No complications like direct injection but also no fiddly carburetor or complex mechanical injection. Diagnoses most issues on its own with OBDII, parts are readily available and not expensive or difficult to find.

  • I missed the days where all cars didn't have headlights brighter than the sun!

  • The fact that everything wasn't electronic for no apparent reason. Love getting into a car with mechanical doorhandles, turning a key to start, releasing the manual handbrake and slotting into first, all with some nice mechanical feedback

  • Loving the

    Sparkz 25Sparkz 25
  • I miss normal radio instead of a big phone, real exhaust, and a proper handbrake instead of a button.

  • The fact that in the past car companies were fine and would even encourage modifications, whereas now changing the radio is treated like a war crime by the manufacturers. You can't even take some cars to a normal garage you have to take it to there specialist centre that can't actually fix your car.

  • The one thing I really miss is a full-size spare wheel in most cars now. Or even a spare at all.

    Glenn SGlenn S
  • We've had lane assist in the UK for years. They're called cats eyes.

  • Everything being an suv with high mounted, high powered headlights that shine into the eyes and mirrors of every other normal height vehicle

  • Bring back the cheap car challange, ive rewatched all of them multiple times and i still cant get enough

    Nemat RafatNemat Rafat
  • At the grand age of 44, it seems like I've experienced a peak in automotive development. Being efficient and beating "the ring" are very worthy but so dull. Try a basic 205 from the 80s and feel the joy and the soft, pliant suspension. I've gone from a very complicated Alfa 147 to an '08 Aygo just to get back to basics. It may not be fast or flash, but I smile every time I sweep the needle towards the red line whilst keeping my licence.

    Peter SimpsonPeter Simpson
  • Ooooh yes, I've always wanted these kinds of videos to return

    Jan PaulusJan Paulus
  • Went outside the other day and found my car had a flat tyre I was annoyed that I would have to go buy a new one but then I realised I drive an old 2001 A3 and it had a full size spare in the boot! I love old cars.

  • Trying to get that sweet spot with the choke so the engine would start on a winters morning.

    shaun truranshaun truran
  • I miss knowing what car was coming around the corner often just by the sound of it, before even seeing it. Anyone remember the sound of the Ford Kent/Velencia (or whatever they were called, rebadged Duratech or something in later life?) engine? I could ALWAYS tell when a Fiesta was close by! I miss that sound.

    The InternetThe Internet
  • Love my 90s/00s era cars. Can truly be daily driven and still loads of fun.

    Initial BInitial B
  • I’ve owned a manual e46 m3 coupe for many many years, and cover maybe 2k miles a year in it and it really is a joy to drive and I think it was just on that verge of technology and analogue. Prices seem to slightly on the rise too which is nice to see.

    Rab McRab Mc
  • Old cars are a lot more involving than new cars. I like that.

  • Getting your heart racing every winter morning while you're waiting for the engine to turn over....

    Shane DowlingShane Dowling