What Does Half A Million Miles Do To A Car?

This week, Alex visits VAG specialist Volks Techniks to get a full health report on the 540,000-mile Audi!
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Comentarii: 5 293

  • This was my wifes company car in 04/05 , recognised it straight away as it was the first prestige car we had ..

    Peter FlanaganPeter FlanaganAcum 2 ani
  • TOP TIP: Every year restore to former glory a high mileage hero! They deserve it! High mileage hero Series 2!

    Count DraculaCount DraculaAcum 2 ani
  • Not bad for a vehicle that's had more service than a NASA space shuttle.

    watchingitallherewatchingitallhereAcum 2 ani
  • Just bring it to Eastern Europe and the high mileage will magically shrink.

    bigboobswithazbigboobswithazAcum an
  • Brakes, suspension and a tensioner is normal wear and tear. A lot of the cost here is down to previous accident damage and not the astronomical mileage.

    Boilerhouse GarageBoilerhouse GarageAcum 2 ani
  • This NEEDS to be restored, and it deserves a bloody good clean, impressively good state for the mileage, I wouldn't even give it 250000...

    Sérgio FreitasSérgio FreitasAcum 2 ani
  • Would love to see it repaired to its former glory, road to 1 million miles!

    Conor FensomeConor FensomeAcum 2 ani
  • That 1.9 TDI engine is the one of the best engines ever made. Incredibly reliable and surprisingly cheap to run. Look around and you'll see many VW group cars with this engine with insane mileage.

    Victor TodeaVictor TodeaAcum 2 ani
  • When they said 500k miles I said there’s no way a 1.8t went that long. When I saw it was a TDI I realized it is possible

    Saxon WintherSaxon Winther
  • lmao, the amount of rust under that thing is less than a car with 10k miles in the rust belt.

    LazerLord10LazerLord10Acum 2 ani
  • You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a car by its tyres.

    squadmetasquadmetaAcum 2 ani
  • Bit late to the party, but in case anyone wonders what half a million miles actually means, it's around 870k km.

    Gabriel P.Gabriel P.
  • I think that the car deserves to be restored, as it was taken care of it's whole life and it has served well.

    Stojke013Stojke013Acum 2 ani
  • I currently have Golf TDI with over 650K on it. The odometer quit working at 1000000 KM or 621K so the exact mileage is an estimate. It's in excellent shape. I have other customers with anywhere from 300k to over 500K. My "mileage champion" was a 99 New Beetle with over 780K miles

    Michael HMichael HAcum an
  • Let’s see some high mileage competitions, Skoda VS Audi... these high miles series have made me become more accepting toward a well maintained higher mile car that’s for sure... great vid as always👍🏼👍🏼

    Harry MattockHarry MattockAcum 2 ani
  • When well maintained, an engine could surprise every person, especially these PD. Great engines.

    Always learningAlways learningAcum 2 ani
  • As long as you service your car regularly it can run for a looong time. Things tend to get expensive if you wait as long as you can

    SeriksySeriksyAcum an
  • Very impressive. My 2013 Jaguar XF is just about to turn 310,000 Miles. Would be great to know if there are many other "modern" cars of a similar age that have covered this sort of mileage. Look after them, and they will look after you 👍🏼

    Franklin SamuelFranklin SamuelAcum 2 ani
  • Would love to see it repaired, road to 1 million miles!!!

    xRockon495XxRockon495XAcum 2 ani
  • The PD is easily one of the best engines ever made, they really are bombproof!

    J12J12Acum an