10 Awesome Car Technologies That Never Took Off

We love it when engineers come up with innovations, but as brilliant as they might seem, sometimes they just don’t catch on. Here are 10 that never went mainstream!
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Chrysler Turbine
Bose suspension
Sinclair C5
Sinclair C5 2
Sinclair C5 3
Sinclair C5 4
Sinclair C5 5
Steam Train
Steam Car
Ford flying car 2
Ford flying car
AeroMobil 3.0
Tucker 48
Tucker 48 2
Tucker 48 3
Tucker 48 4



Comentarii: 3 907

  • The Bose suspension is the best one to be honest

    superedwinxsuperedwinxAcum 4 ani
  • Regarding the EM/Bose suspension I can elaborate a bit why we don't have it already in cars

    daan menjoiedaan menjoieAcum 3 ani
  • 0:15

    Grzegorz ZawadzkiGrzegorz ZawadzkiAcum 4 ani
  • I’d invent an indicator that BMW drivers use.

    Daniel IbrahimDaniel IbrahimAcum 4 ani
  • The Bose suspension is incredible ... even better than a Citroen!

    Visionery1Visionery1Acum 4 ani
  • How about a radio system that shocks a person, other than the driver, when they touch the radio buttons

    Luke JacobsLuke JacobsAcum 2 ani
  • we need that bose suspension

    mujjumanmujjumanAcum 4 ani
  • 2:59

    Яасир ШахидЯасир ШахидAcum 2 ani
  • I love that Capsula concept! Having a multi-purpose multi-body car is a very practical idea and I wonder why it didn't eventually catch on! But this idea was continued, with the 1987 Mazda MX-04 Concept (a very weird ancestor of the MX5 Miata!) and the Nissan EXA Canopy (a Shooting Brake, a Coupe and a very low-slung Pick-Up/4-seater half convertible!)! Now we only have hard tops for convertibles! Sigh! :-P

    Ray BoccinoRay BoccinoAcum 4 ani
  • Thank god those rocket brakes never, *cough*, took off..

    Magnus Likes TanksMagnus Likes TanksAcum 4 ani
  • I would definitely add indicators to BMW's if I was an engineer.

    Eon GamingEon GamingAcum 4 ani
  • If cars could fly, 50% of all drivers would fly above someone else's car and try to land on it...

    BlackbodeBlackbodeAcum 3 ani
  • I really wish the Bose suspension took off. Far and away the most useful thing on the list.

    Bobby GarrityBobby GarrityAcum 4 ani
  • I would love to see the Bose Suspension make a comeback! I think it would do very well in today's luxury car market!

    Henry Charles William NguyenHenry Charles William NguyenAcum 4 ani
  • So I have to check you on the steam engine portion. A steam powered car held the land speed record for a while, not to mention they are incredibly easy to use and maintain. The main drawback was the time it took to bring a car up to full power. It couldn’t just crank and run like a gasoline engine.

    Mr. Fort’s PlaceMr. Fort’s PlaceAcum 3 ani
  • Suspension:

    SILE141SILE141Acum 3 ani
  • I love how "can't get out of a car in a tight space" is always a reason for no gullwing doors in cars. Umm you can't get out of a normal car with normal doors if you're in a tight space either, and plenty of cars of those. granted you're right if the car rolls over, but most of the time normal doors are too banged up to get them open in a roll over too

    JuggynautJuggynautAcum 4 ani
  • so the suspension that i always imagine was actually real

    enovennenovennAcum 2 ani
  • Rocket brakes would have increased pedestrian injuries by burning faces instead of taking knee caps off.

    maxxjett filmsmaxxjett filmsAcum 4 ani
  • The Bose suspension would have a problem when switched off, a little bit like those Citroen hydro-pneumatics where the car needed to wait until the suspension would lift the car up. but even there, the Bose suspension would barely match the actual Citroen active suspension which has been around for 20 years since the XM or Xantia featured it.

    laurentien00laurentien00Acum 4 ani