FIRST LOOK At The New Batmobile

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We've been given exclusive first access to the brand-new Batmobile from Warner Bros' latest instalment, The Batman, staring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz. We're excited to see The Caped Crusaders' new custom build tearing up the streets of Gotham when the film hits cinemas on the 4th March! Here's everything we know about it.
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Comentarii: 1 435

  • I like how this batmobile felt like it was built by Bruce itself, not to fancy, just made from scraps. That's what it really make it very amazing.

  • If I’m being honest this is probably my favourite iteration of the Batmobile. It’s tough, utilitarian and rugged. Fits this younger version of Batman perfectly

    Gavin CowserGavin Cowser
  • The sound design surrounding the car in the movie gives it so much oomph, the flames, the V8 noise, the rock music going quiet with each push of gas pedal... and its reveal in the movie, just the best.

    Karolis JureviciusKarolis Jurevicius

    Quisim BryantQuisim Bryant
  • wait till you hear it in the theatre. It will blow your freaking mind. Best scene in the whole movie.

    Key BoardKey Board
  • After watching the movie, I can tell you that car is incredible just alone from the beautiful sound over the speakers

  • Looks like it could give Mad Max's interceptor a run for its money.

  • Everyone who keeps saying you are surprised at how good he is as Batman are probably people who only saw him in Twilight or Harry Potter. Pattinson is a great actor. He's done a ton of independent movies where you have to really act and not depend on explosions to make things exciting. Give the man a chance. He'll probably be considered one of the best Batman ever.....

    John MalandrinoJohn Malandrino
  • Love its design. Looks menacing, but also gorgeous.

  • In my opinion this is the coolest batmobile to ever be in live action. It’s not as Tanky as the tumbler but also isn’t just some random old car. It pays Homage to original batmobile designs. A sleek looking car that’s been heavily armored and modified, but also take aspects from the designs of the newer batmobiles as well.

  • Initially when the photos leaked a year ago of the car, I wasn't too impressed, but over time understanding how this is a reboot and the effort to set the tone as a young Batman who is still learning, I have come around on this car as it is grounded in realism and not something that was produced for him by Lucius Fox. It looks like a angry Kitt from KnightRider.

  • I just saw the movie, it was really good. The batmobile was badass too. Pattinson was surprisingly good as batman too.

    Online AliasOnline Alias
  • I love it. I like how Bruce drives an old Corvette too. It makes sense growing up in a gritty city since Batfleck or Batbale supercars wouldn't fit in

    Jericho SalazarJericho Salazar
  • When he fired this bad ass thing up in the movie it BLEW my mind. It sounded like a jet fighter taking off. Perfectly done!! Great movie too.

    Mark HarcMark Harc
  • Also just saw the movie and I feel like the batmobile was a star by itself. The scene that she fires up and rumbles the theater and then goes on a realistic car chase was just the best. And you could see the design of the car had long travel suspension and awd, I really appreciated how it was very realistic to what it was pulling off. Loved it!

    Audrey HendersonAudrey Henderson
  • Just seen the movie and can confirm - this new Batmobile is freaking badass! So cool.

    Joel SmithJoel Smith
  • Oh boy, this thing looks amazing! I wasn't excited to see the new Batman flick until this very moment. 😂 It definitely looks like it's Dodge inspired. The only part I don't like is what I assume must be fake exhaust tips coming out of the hood, since the engine and exhaust are visible in the rear. If it was dual engine I feel like they would have mentioned that.

    One Sad TechOne Sad Tech
  • Glad I got to experience this batmobile in theaters bc I know it wouldn't feel the same anywhere else. I was smiling ear to ear the entire sequence. I'm not sure I've ever felt so exhilarated from a chase scene. I REALLY, REALLY hope we see more of THIS batmobile on screen.

    Chwayde 22Chwayde 22
  • As I've told friends, this thing looks and sounds like what would happen if Doc Brown was trying to make a super muscle car instead of a Time Machine.

  • Quite literally the most practical Batmobile every to appear on screen. Which makes it feel like the most grounded in that it could actually be produced under the radar by someone with enough money. But my favorite still goes to Nolan’s Tumbler