Can A Non-Car Guy Tune An Engine For NA Power?

This week, Ethan digs deep under the bonnet (with a little help) to find out how much n/a power his little Z3 project car can make on the dyno!
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  • big shout out to bruno man, the fact that he's willing to give a lot of time for us viewers.... man what a great lad

  • Alex: That engine sounds a bit ropy!

    Eoin FEoin F
  • Bruno is a rare find and adds alot of entertainment value. Good episode!

  • Ethan's moving up in the world -- from changing a tyre to doing a stage 2 map on a Z3! The next video should be "Non-Car Guy Builds Car"!

  • Can we big up Bruno, my man been offsetting his actual business for CH so I hope man getting paid enough to work with them.

    Mugen- RMugen- R
  • Ethan just casually resting his new alloy wheel in a hedge 😂

  • Few days ago, I done my first ever car mod - It was literally changing the hubcaps.

    Turbo AddictTurbo Addict
  • The theory that Ethan is actually the most car guy out of all of them and for years he's been faking and now is slowing becoming what he has always been is interesting and I like to believe it.

    GBM GamingGBM Gaming
  • I love these Ethan centric videos. He’s friggin hilarious 😂

  • Bruno genuinely wanting him to learn is honestly so refreshing to see.

    Nathaen WoodNathaen Wood
  • Been looking forward to a project Z3 update for ages, great job. Love the show! 👌

  • I love Ethan‘s excitement for everything that’s new to him, it’s like watching a child opening that one big toy under the Christmas tree and seeing the excitement in their face 😂

    Paul KelleherPaul Kelleher
  • 09:05

    South England Bus SpottingSouth England Bus Spotting
  • This is so sick! The owner of more than tyres is my dad so seeing this is so cool ❤️

    Woody LovettWoody Lovett
  • The ratchet part was actually mind blowing

  • “15 minus 5” “imperial” had me fucking rolling 😂😂

    Ethan HubbardEthan Hubbard
  • Bruno is excellent entertainment. He is like the Inspector Clouseau of the mechanics. Well maybe a cross between Inspector Clouseau & Papa Lazarou.

    Peter MackenziePeter Mackenzie
  • Bruno seems to be getting more comfortable with the camera. that CUT! was hilarious. and I thought Ethan was going to hug him when the rocker cover was brought out. Alex would have...

    Gerard BendottiGerard Bendotti
  • "The Milkman strikes again!"- that should become a slogan of every Ethan's appearance!)))

    Dmitry TDmitry T
  • You can tell right away that if it wasn’t for Ethan, Bruno would trash the engine beyond repair. Glad to see Ethan helping the inexperienced!

    Emanuel SousaEmanuel Sousa