I Finally Finished My First Project Car!

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In this week's instalment of Project Z3, Ethan finally reveals his final mods and lets rip on track to find out how good his first ever project car has turned out!
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Comentarii: 922

  • I want more of Ethan fixing cars, something about watching a beginner 🔰 modifying/fixing up a car is so entertaining.

  • How much Ethan has changed over this series.

    A.J. KasetyoA.J. Kasetyo
  • Brilliant video. Love how Alex is so pleased and proud with Ethans driving skills. Cool cars too.

  • It's been great seeing Ethan become a proper car enthusiast, this channel's video on changing brakes got me inspired to do my own, now I have my own part time track car

    Nathan PerezNathan Perez
  • Sad to see this thing finished, was hoping for more episodes especially since we haven’t seen this on the channel in ages, been nice seeing Ethan go through hell and back, absolutely fantastic experience

    Jubair AhmedJubair Ahmed
  • It’s so nice to see how Alex is impressed with Ethan, makes me smile. :)

  • It is really good to see how much Ethan’s driving has improved. Well done 👍

  • How cute, he still thinks you can finish a project car :')

  • I was smiling the *whole time watching Ethan drive the Z3's watching the evolution of a car guy forming is mint!

  • The joy on Alex’s face seeing Ethan win was wholesome what a good friendship 👏

    Jubair AhmedJubair Ahmed
  • So glad the boy's enjoyed the track day.

    Ashleigh CurtisAshleigh Curtis
  • "Challenge" aside, it is always a joy to see Alex genuinely coaching Ethan.

  • I feel like there's still plenty Ethan could do on the Z3. For the majority of us his mod list is just a long weekend in the garage. I'd love to see this project continue. You can't let him off the hook of working on his car for future episodes!!

    shiftdown tvshiftdown tv
  • I think Ethan needs to learn about the world of boost next ^^

  • Alex is so proud of Ethan and was giving him advice throughout it's so nice to see encouragement like that. Loving the videos. Keep them coming

    E TinniE Tinni
  • I cant believe how invested I was in Ethan's last lap! Well done!! And kudos to Alex for his encouragement and support. Great series guys

  • Yeah the Z3 is back!! Everytime I see a Z3 I think of Bond and Ethan

    Adam QurabiAdam Qurabi
  • 5:03

    Suspicious StewSuspicious Stew
  • Quality Ethan, your face when Alex told you the time of pure surprise and Alex was like a proud dad. Keep it up only a matter of time before top gear come calling

    Craig GilesallenCraig Gilesallen
  • Great work Ethan, the Z3 has come out amazing. It's been great seeing you get pushed out of your comfort zone in this series, and your hard work has definitely paid off!