Fixing Up The Most Disgusting Car We've Ever Owned

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This week, the guys work on Percy the high-mileage Passat to transform their most disgusting purchase from biohazard to good enough to sell for profit!
Thanks to:
Easylife Valeting & Detailing
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Comentarii: 899

  • That car doesn't just need a detailing, it needs an exorcism

  • Exactly the Car Throttle content that I needed!

    Zohab Zee KhanZohab Zee Khan
  • Clearly not paying the team enough if he's willing to luck the seatbelt for a fiver...

    Will LWill L
  • There’s something almost satisfying about how the car looks before and after

  • 20:36

    Dragon ButtDragon Butt
  • This is such a great video. You guys should do a flipping cars challenge. from £500 to £5000. a long term series where you take cars like percy, love them and sell them on and so on until you hit the 5 grand target. Then donate it to charity or give the car away to a lucky subscriber!

    Danny PrattDanny Pratt
  • I love this because a couple of years ago, I was looking to buy my first car and I did just that.

    Matt BoltMatt Bolt
  • Loved this. Bought a $1000 USD car 3 years ago as a joke. Cleaned it up just like you guys did, did some maintenance, and now I drive it EVERYWHERE.

  • Best quote EVER "Go on facebook marketplace, speak to loads of scumbags and buy shit cars!"

    Tim DTim D
  • I like Edwin, more screen time please (if he fancies it, don't force him or anything weird).

  • 22:15

    Preemo FitnessPreemo Fitness
  • Alex is so short, when he was standing next to the car I was thinking its a Tiguan :D

  • Those macro shot are incredible, well done Ethan 👏

  • Absolutely brilliant upload fantastic camera work as always car throttle keep up the amazing work

    Tristan BirdTristan Bird
  • From a detailer such as me it came out perfect.

  • Amazing how good the seats came out-considering the 20+ years or sweaty dabs, ring juice and Christ knows what speaks volumes about how decent the velour material VW used on them.

  • Love this! - Always said these are one of the best cars VW ever produced! - I’ve a mate who’s got one that I remapped for him at 180k miles, it’s still going strong 8 years later with 300k miles on!! (I can send you a remap file Car

    Mark TurnerMark Turner
  • It would be good to get a price before the cleaning from a professional cleaner to see the difference. I think it would cost more than 500 :D

    Schmidt AndrásSchmidt András
  • Fantastic!

    Great Britannia LineGreat Britannia Line
  • I'm surprised the front suspension arms (all four of them) didn't get a mention or a check. They're not cheap to do properly and are basically a service item on this chassis (and its A4/A6 contemporary brethrin)

    Aaron MarshAaron Marsh