Fast Car, Slow Driver Vs Slow Car, Fast Driver!

This week, Alex and Ethan go head to head to find out what's faster: a fast driver in a standard car, or a slow driver in a fast car?
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Comentarii: 1 199

  • I like the “standard” instead of “slow” that Alex used cuz hes getting payed by Hyundai lol

  • Can we talk about how consistent Alex' lap times are? Really nicely done

  • they should do something like this with Ethan’s Z3 and Alex’s MX5

  • Since Ethan is always doing this non car guy things for a long time now he technically is a car guy right.😂😂😂😂

    Asher JamesAsher James
  • "please slow down" this is the most Ethan thing ever

  • That was really fun to watch! i20 N for life! 💙

  • I love that alex is basically teaching Ethan to be a pretty decent driver.

    Kris RawlinsKris Rawlins
  • How long are we going to pretend Ethan isn't already more accomplished than most car guys out there?

    no nameno name
  • Feel bad for Ethan, he looked like he was gonna cry when you was power lapping. Great vid just wish it was longer.

    Paul JohnsonPaul Johnson
  • Considering Ethan was nearly bringing his breakfast back up, he didn't set a bad lap time! Well done Ethan!

  • It's great seeing just how encouraging and nice Alex is with Ethan. Imagine all dads were like that with their sons, the world would be a happier place...

  • " Are you allowed to have three (cylinders)?"

    Jordan KipkorirJordan Kipkorir
  • Ethan's elation that he was able to beat Alex's time was just such a wholesome thing to watch, well done him!

    LJ PhoenixLJ Phoenix
  • Nice to have you back to your regular scheduled programming. This is how you do sponsored content. Subtle. And I can relate to it. Not some rich guy that no one can relate to that lives in his own distortion field.

    Mildmannered ThinkingManMildmannered ThinkingMan
  • Bring back the "2 Guys 1 Car" show, please.

  • Alex: Nice three cylinder in here.."

  • Gotta love the fact Alex genuinely was happy towards the end of Ethan's power laps. He wants his mate to succeed.

    Joe GJoe G
  • "A non-car guy" Alex says to a man who has been on a car show for longer than some viewers have been alive.

  • “Your like a sh!t version of Ryan Gosling.” Made me chuckle that did. Is there anything better than taking the mick out of mates while enjoying a nice spirited drive!🤔🤷🏻‍♂️😜👍🏻

    Richard BladesRichard Blades
  • Let's just agree that Ethan is the real star of this channel!