Hot Wheels UK Legends Tour 2021

Alex is joined by three special guest judges to have a look through the UK shortlist of this year's Hot Wheels Legends Global Tour entries.
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Comentarii: 108

  • Loved being a part of this! Thanks for having me

    Seen Through GlassSeen Through Glass
  • Very wise to have everyone already seated so we didn’t see Alex using a step stool to get into his seat

    Bob BobsonBob Bobson
  • Actually the Audi is a definite winner for me ❤️ but only if they keep those rims in the hotwheel model

    Jakob SmithJakob Smith
  • Thank you so much for featuring my car. It was an honour to be part of the final 12! I own the Mini :)

  • ian callum got me off guard, always know his works but never really know how is he looks like. Great people you brought here, way better than US version.

    Yusron MYusron M
  • Audi resto was my winner 🏆 closely followed by the MG 3rd had to be the mini!

  • 54:18

    John DavidsonJohn Davidson
  • 0:07

    John DavidsonJohn Davidson
  • Some sweet looking entries there. Have an awesome day! (From the Home of Jumps, Railslides, Corkscrews and Collection Vids)

    Hot Wheels Fun at HomeHot Wheels Fun at Home
  • I absolutely love that escort!

    Jaimy KokJaimy Kok
  • The Audi was my favourite such a clean build classy and cool

    jason piercejason pierce
  • Noticed the Metro has diffrent rims in diffrent shots, either that or it actually has diffrent wheels on each side.

  • Boggles my mind how the Volvo was chosen. My top 3: Audi Coupe, Escort Roadster, Suzuki Jimny.

    robert cullenrobert cullen
  • That Golf should be featured on Car Throttle in 2022! It'd be a perfect fit for the channel. Alex would have a blast driving it, and i'm sure it'd attract a fair bit of attention on the street, and with the view count!

    LJ PhoenixLJ Phoenix
  • Number 2. Part Mini, part A Team van. Love it.

    Stephen BurnsStephen Burns
  • I have to say this love the legends tour but Mattel U.K. really is slacking man

  • That F-100 "stance" is beyond daft, it just looks broken at this kind of level.

  • My Uncle (Luke Ray) actually worked with Ian Callum on the Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage!

  • I want the Jimny as a hotwheels!

    Jakob SmithJakob Smith
  • Loved the Singer, but it would probably be better as a Revell/ Monogram plastic kit car.

    Stinky BisquitStinky Bisquit