4x4 Build Off: Overland Vs Hardcore Off-Road

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This week, Alex and Jack & Ethan go head-to-head in a build-off between 4x4 Adventure and Hardcore Off-Road!
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Comentarii: 857

  • I wish these videos were longer, I could easily watch these lads for an hour

  • Why does Alex look like a typical Halfords worker when wearing that polo shirt 😂

  • This is our generations top gear, I grew up watching top gear don’t get me wrong but I love these lads, could easily watch a full hour episode; much love for the last 5years!

    Jay MasonJay Mason
  • You three never fail to put a smile on my face

  • If Alex is “General Grabber” does that make Ethan “Private Parts”?

    Defiance 32Defiance 32
  • It's good to see Ethan back on the other end of the camera - the chemistry of you guys is incredible <3

    Mr B-manMr B-man
  • I’m curious on the pricing for these? Before and after the mods, cost breakdown perhaps?

    Quinten VerniersQuinten Verniers
  • Let's see if the boys have finally built a vehicle that can get through that big puddle down the green lane.

    mark haynesmark haynes
  • Rarely do we see this much sass from Jack. Nice to see he's finally realizing he's in charge here.

    Alex BurnettAlex Burnett
  • You guys need to do a Car Trek style series like Tavarish, Vinwiki and Hoovies Garage have been doing. Would be brilliant!

    Matt ChapmanMatt Chapman
  • Will Jack ever get his tea? Find out this week on Car Throttle!

  • Nothing makes me happier than seeing a new video from car throttle!

    Antonio MardariAntonio Mardari
  • Brilliant! As a D2 owner I’m so happy to see content from y’all on one!

    Matthew McCluneyMatthew McCluney
  • Both discos look great, disco 2 for me 😁

    Classic Jim MaccadClassic Jim Maccad
  • If they do this sort of thing again I’m hoping for new defender vs proper defender.

    Stoddy 706Stoddy 706
  • Take these trucks all around England and up into Scotland! Take us camping throughout Great Britain on a huge multi day cross country adventure! Please don't waste the opportunity for an awesome series!

  • I love how much Ethan is getting excited by the cars more and more in recent videos 😂

    Dan WalkerDan Walker
  • This is some high budget stuff, butt still lovely and relateble. Love it!

    Stefan KlecinStefan Klecin
  • Keep up the great work team love this channel.

    Adam ThompsonAdam Thompson
  • These videos keep getting better and better. Love this team, keep them coming! Can't wait for the next one 🔥

    Richard AshleyRichard Ashley