Can I Buy A Car & Beat Public Transport?

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This week, Alex, Ethan and Jack race a car (with a twist) against public transport to one of the best driving roads in the country!
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Comentarii: 2 724

  • This is like 2009 top gear, please smother me with more of this content

    elliot hodgeselliot hodges
  • I do have to say i technically would give it to Alex as taxis are classed as "Private hire". fair play to all 3 of them though! love this content!

    Anonymous CavemanAnonymous Caveman
  • Tonight:

  • What's to stop Ethan and Jack getting an uber all the way? I'd give this one to Alex.

    Stuart HumphreyStuart Humphrey
  • Alex is the winner in my eye's 👀

    Leon DeimanLeon Deiman
  • 19:43

    Melih SpotsMelih Spots
  • You should buy some cheap sports cars and take them from London to the Nurburgring and race them on track

    Toby RichToby Rich
  • Would love to see Alex, Jack and Ethan take an official uk driving test. With all the changes and standards now it would be Interesting to see who is actually the 'best' driver.

    Jason DayJason Day
  • Love a B5.5 Passat, nearly 20 years on from being discontinued and they're still one of the best cars you can buy bang for buck. Comfortable, loads of room, handle "well enough", plenty of cars came equipped with multifunction steering wheels and cruise control, loads of torque from the PD which run for miles and can run on cooking oil...

  • I would love to see this Passat get a full interior and extrerior detail, these B5.5 are really nice to drive especially with that 1.9TDi engine.

  • Alex for the win. If you miss the train and bus. You have to get the next one not get an Uber boys!

    Lance EastLance East
  • "The train is gone and there's no bus"

  • Technically a taxi in the UK is "private hire" so I'm giving it Alex

  • Definitely either do another "trade up" series with the Passat or keep it and just absolutely rice the shit out of it

    Darragh O'BrienDarragh O'Brien
  • If the Uber counts as public transport you might as well use it for the whole journey, which makes the entire concept of public transport vs car superfluous. Alex won 100%.


    Paula TorresPaula Torres
  • Great episode! Nice to see my neck of the woods on such a good channel, too. The whole drive from Sheffield through Snake Pass and down into Glossop (fun stops right there) is a great experience every time.

    Barton FunkBarton Funk
  • Uber doesnt count imo. Either public transport failed you, or you failed at public transport. Whichever you prefer, Alex deserves the win.

    Luke NLuke N
  • Alex is the winner 100%. If an Uber is allowed then they could have just got in an Uber at the start. Plus it's a battle against the car, not car vs car.

  • Percy should be a trade up car now, keep flipping them and see what you can get up to by the end of the year