How A 700bhp Evo Saved My Life

Jon Livermore was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer when he was 32. This is the story of how a project car got him through his darkest days...
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Comentarii: 5 801

  • Car is not only a machine. Its like living life for car lovers. Car can help people and get through hard stuff and sad stuff. And also have a lots of fun and good memories! and we all should respect it.

    Hiiro626Hiiro626Acum 4 ani
  • I MET HIM AT JAP FEST 2017!! He's a right lad and he has fully carboned the car now and good lord does it look sick

    Redline RacingRedline RacingAcum 5 ani
  • Beautiful car. I beat cancer too (stage 3, colon), and I used the same jokes as well! Perspective changes, you realize what's important. These moments are life. Inspiring, thanks for sharing

    Raye StanleyRaye StanleyAcum 2 ani
  • me:

    Lenny Martin / Ronnie's HQLenny Martin / Ronnie's HQAcum 4 ani
  • It's so rare to have friends who back you up in toughest moment of life.

    Admiral AckbarAdmiral AckbarAcum 2 ani
  • i love that headlight intake though...

    CyberIndoGamingCyberIndoGamingAcum 4 ani
  • This Evo is as fast as a stock aventador. God bless this man.

    BHP AddictBHP AddictAcum 6 ani
  • This is something non-car people never understand, we love cars because they help us, they make us happy, they keep us dedicated. They go what's the point of making a car fast you never get to use it, but not only statement false. To just take it around the country bring around your make them crack a smile even to the sound of the engine, petrol engines will never properly go away because of car guys, all your city cars will be electric but they don't give you joy anyway so who gives a shit. Petrol will never disappear and Diesel for that matter, there some huge Jeep lovers (not the company jeep, jeep is another name for SUVs but I don't like SUV because of crossovers) my father has this old Nissan Patrol 1988 I think maybe 89 he has nothing for it except a chassis the body which missing all the doors and the best engine ever created in his mind unkillable, the 4.2. He loves telling stories about it and you see the joy in him and it's nice to see. My cousin had a Skyline r32 and he totalled it, un fixable earn a bit of money for scrapping it and selling the engine or buy another and engine swap, he still has the car though because it became part of him he adored it

    Am NaahAm NaahAcum 2 ani
  • poor guy

    kidzach 21kidzach 21Acum 4 ani
  • Bro this guy had cancer and 1.4k sick people have the balls to dislike this video. What is wrong with some people 😓

    James AskeyJames AskeyAcum 3 ani
  • Just lost my grandmother to cancer after a 5 year battle. This brought tears to my eyes, what a beautiful video

    Tradeka420Tradeka420Acum 2 ani
  • This reminds me of my best friend he was 15 and he was going to get an RX-7 when he got his driver's license but then he got diagnosed with cancer and he saw the RX7 but never got to drive it because he had his second to last chemo session when he died he was to weak to even talk and they got him into a room but 47 minutes later he died and he was my only friend at the time and when I hear the word RX7 I start to tear up 😖

    Edward 02Edward 02Acum 2 ani
  • This man has a phenomenal story.

    Ethan CarneyEthan CarneyAcum 6 ani
  • thats a badass evo and it has a hell of a fighter behind the wheel

    edub590edub590Acum 3 ani
  • This is beautiful...a man and his car, a struggle for survival, and a dream lit by a unextinguishable flame of passion. This is the stuff that makes me cry.

    TheBastardGentleman 98TheBastardGentleman 98Acum 2 ani
  • Thought this was gonna go something like "this gang in Chrysler 300s where trying to get me and rob me but my 700 hp evo got me away and saved my life"

    Jackson SongerJackson SongerAcum 2 ani
  • Damn man, I feel for this guy man, tried to stay happy, the whole time even tho he knew he could be gone some day, stay positive everybody🙏🙏

    chue dynastychue dynastyAcum 2 ani
  • Lance helped to build a lancer.

    FittsyFittsyAcum 4 ani
  • that is one of the nicest evos i have ever seen that turbo intake through the headlight

    Gabriel RosalesGabriel RosalesAcum 6 ani
  • 4 Years later, this car is still one of the best looking cars in my book honestly. I can’t get my eyes off of the wheels and the carbon fiber parts, and how it sounds. Man I wish Evo’s were more popular in my country.

    Vcxb UVcxb UAcum an