The Differences Between Piston and Rotary Engines

Rotary engines have featured in some of the world's coolest cars, but how do they compare to their piston-engined counterparts?
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For even more info on rotary engines, check out Engineering Explained's video:
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  • I am a redstone master! I already know everything about a piston!

    Kratoskiller231Kratoskiller231Acum 2 ani
  • My friend owns an RX7 and knows a guy who owned an RX7 FC. The guy ended up getting a turbo for it and cranked the boost up to 24 PSI which was higher than the maximum of 23 PSI. The same guy got into a drag race with a Camaro. The FC smoked the Camaro but at the end of the drag race he heard a shredding sound inside his engine. The car could barely move after that so he ended up taking apart the engine to diagnose the problem. Turns out because he cranked the boost up so high the apex seal was blown right out of its socket as it couldn't handle the pressure. The rotor then dragged the apex seal around the entire housing which shredded the interior completely. He ended up replacing the rotor and still has the one with the shred marks and gashes sitting on his desk at home.

    Faheem JamaloodeenFaheem JamaloodeenAcum 4 ani
  • The main benefit of a rotary: what is a redline? never heard of it

    AllorFhAllorFhAcum 2 ani
  • Hopefully Mazda can find a way to fix the rotary engine flaws for their rx-9.

    byaialelebyaialeleAcum 4 ani
  • Another advantage of rotaries: power density. Rotaries make a lot of power for their size. Another disadvantage: Because they rev higher, they don't make a lot of torque compared to piston engines.

    Jay VetteJay VetteAcum 4 ani
  • I just love the look of the RX-7, one of the few modern "rounded" cars that looks good (plus it has pop-up headlights!) but if I ever bought one I'd probably get a less oil burning engine put in. After the original one fails of course, no point in removing a perfectly good engine!

    scottthewaterwarriorscottthewaterwarriorAcum 3 ani
  • I still like rotaries regardless of the disadvantages of them. Also, I heard the rotary is making a comeback but as a range extender. I have no idea how that would work, but I'm curious.

    Ghost AssassinGhost AssassinAcum 4 ani
  • Only disadvantage of the APEX seals: They not easily replaceable.

    Crazy_BorgCrazy_BorgAcum 4 ani
  • I once argued with my science teacher about this. He was telling us how engines work, and had said that all engines have pistons. I should have kept my mouth shut, but at this time I felt the need to correct him, and said that not all engines have pistons, and had told the class about rotaries. He had gone on to say that even rotaries have pistons, and that led to a pretty big argument. I wound up staying after class to explain this to him, and he had maintained his idea of being right. I eventually chose to be the bigger person and tell him that he was right.

    Garrett BoxGarrett BoxAcum 4 ani
  • Thank you for this. I have worked on a number of engines, and the cylinder heads have always been concave, not convex as in your diagram. Being concave causes fuel ignition to be 'cupped' leading to a more efficient use of the power stroke.

    Malcolm AbramMalcolm AbramAcum an
  • A very entertaining video, I loved it. I would also like you to do in video explaining the electric motors and how much they differ from the internal combustion. Above all how they develop their power. Because many people are afraid that cars with electric traction have no gear change.

    acynder1acynder1Acum 4 ani
  • Thank you for this! Been into cars for years, but I'm actually learning about the engines and all parts of cars.

    AK- JXRDY-7AK- JXRDY-7Acum 4 ani
  • The only advantage that the rotary engine has is that you can add "banks" (more rotors) to increase displacement without taking up much space. Thus a "4 cylinder" equivalent can become a "6 cylinder" by adding a single rotor to the mix.

    Paul BPaul BAcum 2 ani
  • Thanks! Im just getting into cars and this really helped me understand how they actually work mechanicaly

    NordvestGamingNordvestGamingAcum 4 ani
  • Thank you for the video, Im studying what I think I should know about basic engine components, functions, flaws and differences and because of your knowledge on both rotary and piston driven engines, I now know basic understanding of how they work as well as basic flaws due to certain situational awareness. Thank you for the video again and please if you have the knowledge to do so, can you make a video on jet engines? Or difference between a jet engine and a car engine. That is actually how I found this video. Thanks.

    aladdin706aladdin706Acum 3 ani
  • Friend of mine had an older RX-7 and as his apex seals cracked, he opened up the engine and replaced them with good old leather strips and never had any problems with the seals again. Even oil burn has been reduced!

    CozyCozyAcum 4 ani
  • Now explain the difference between an antimatter warp drive vs a singularity based warp drive

    Marco ZoloMarco ZoloAcum 3 ani
  • 1.4 and 2 litres is a pretty narrow range. My first fiesta was 957cc and my current car is 2.4l, both inline fours

    Dan JDan JAcum 2 ani
  • "Suck, Squeeze, Bang, and Blow" ...

    Ra TheArabianRa TheArabianAcum an
  • That's what I love about this channel. It's very informative.

    wyheeewyheeeAcum 4 ani