The Worst Car We've Ever Worked On!

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This week, Alex and Gareth fix up a Celica GT4 for unsuspecting owner Ray.
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  • I love how honest they were when they were fixing the car, that's how it is when you work on someone else's car 👍🏻😄

    B. MunsonB. Munson
  • I'm glad rays car ended up at car throttle because imagine Ray trying to repair that after everything he's been through...

    mat kmat k
  • The superstrut suspension parts on these are £1400 for new Toyota parts so a lot of money has been thrown at this car. And what a car it Is. In my opinion, the mk6 celica is one of the best looking 90's japanese sports cars out there. Great work making sure this one stays on the road for years to come. I hope Ray gets the enjoyment from the car he deserves. Good job guys.

  • When Gareth holstered the Jet wash, I was 100% convinced Alex was gonna pull the trigger and soak Gareth before doing the James Bond Stance!

    Mark PlentyMark Plenty
  • As a Celica owner myself, I can relate to the frustration when I was fixing it up. But once fixed it is a really really amazing car and I still own it after 8 years :)

    T JeremiahT Jeremiah
  • What a brilliant series guys, very commendable A very worthy cause, I didn’t skip a single ad!

  • Some cars are just meant to be saved 👌🏻

  • Can we just appreciate the insanly good sound editing a bit?

    Komasäufer KurtKomasäufer Kurt
  • I had a friend with a tuned ones of these years ago and it was a monster it also drank petrol at a rate I had never seen before. Great video as always guys well done.

    andrew grantandrew grant
  • Incredibly rare st205 in that colour! Great to see one getting some love especially for someone deserving of it. Great work guys!

    Douglas MackayDouglas Mackay
  • finally, this is what its truly like to work on our own cars... except, they never get finished, normally because we run out of talent. or a willingness to smack it that hard with a hammer. awesome work :)

    toasty beartoasty bear
  • Steve just looks so done with this stuff😂 I’m sure it’s an act but hilarious to watch 😂

  • I can’t help but laugh at how evil the car is being. I have PTSD from my old ST205. Toyota did such a good job at making them reliable(-ish) that when something went wrong it was a major PITA to set right. Nothing was a 5 minute job other than fuelling it.

    Graeme AndersonGraeme Anderson
  • Love what you guys are doing with this series. Keep it up! 😀

    John WaddinghamJohn Waddingham
  • Would really love to see you guys and MCM do a collaborative video at some point in the future. 2 fav channels for car stuff.

    Sean MillarSean Millar
  • The fact that you guys are doing this makes you all that much better in my eyes. This is taking your channel to a whole new level, even if you only did one of these every other month to help people in the community. In all honesty you guys could use a ton more screen time on your local news or the BBC to help show off these good deeds!

  • This man's dad sounds like an amazing father and bloke in general, hats off to him 💙

    Cameron MurphyCameron Murphy
  • Suspension work, plugs and fluid's changed is not bad for an old turbocharged car that's been sitting. How is that the worst car? Have you not worked on a 3000GT yet?

    M GM G
  • it’s always nice having a mate around to help with your shaft

  • I would honestly love this as a returning thing, something like doing a monthy 'subscriber and car in need' or maybe quarterly depening on what is possible.

    Fallington EMSFallington EMS