How Much Did We Spend On Cars In 2021?

2021 has been filled with all sorts of adventures, challenges and some crazy car purchases. But how much did we spend on cars in 2021?
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  • You guys should do a car collection video and talk about all the cars you've ever owned even the boring ones 😻😼

  • I find it so hard to believe that the podcast wasn’t very successful. That was one of the things I looked forward to the most and there were so many moments that really made me laugh.

  • The podcasts to me have a special place in my heart. I was living in a shit area, no car, hating my job and life overall... I came across the podcasts on my 2.5 hour travel into work and then I continued to binge watch every one! By the time I had finished listening, I had moved house, bought a car, and been accepted for a new job. It was the day I left my old job for the last time that I listened to the last episode and I do heavily miss them. The so called 'boring' episodes have always been my favorite, the ones where we learn more about you guys and connect!

    Agion LabsAgion Labs
  • CT is literally the best thing after top gear died off, the ultimate trio too!! Looking forward to the videos and content next year

    Jubair AhmedJubair Ahmed
  • Personally I love the cheap car stuff they do, always a good laugh and interesting seeing what they can pick up for what ever their budget is and then whatever they decide to do with that car.

    Chris DoolanChris Doolan
  • The posssibility of the podcast returning makes me happy. Always made me laugh although do think you should potentially have it on the car throttle extra channel and make it that, extra content. Just an idea

    Ben WilliamsBen Williams
  • A 1-2 hour podcast even once a month would be great. I love them, I don't mind if they're not all that common. And I do think 1 a week can get a bit repetitive, if it wasn't a few very action packed weeks in a row, which wouldn't be an issue if it was a monthly thing. So yes, would be very happy to get an hour or two of you guys chatting it up here and there.

    A Mutant BananaA Mutant Banana
  • Cheers for the update, especially on the podcast.

    P GriffithsP Griffiths
  • Just finished watching the video, I know you guys get this a lot but you guys really fill in the void that Top Gear left, I love watching you guy's shenanigans and I aspire to have a similar friendship with some people and just enjoy cars

    Roy_ 2222Roy_ 2222
  • Loved the NC500 episodes, they were epic. I definitely get an 'old top gear' vibe on this channel but in a good way, non-scripted and genuinely funny. Looking forward to more this year!

    Jack JeffreyJack Jeffrey
  • You guys really blew up this year. I discovered you right after the viral mechanic video, so it's nice to see growth.

  • The podcasts were awesome. For a while, they became my bed time stories! Seriously, I would listen to them as I went to bed and never fell asleep before the end because I had to hear the end.

  • Once a month or once every other month cor the podcasts! They are great. I know its not good income but it wont hurt to do a small amount of them

    Ownzii ClutchOwnzii Clutch
  • @

    Owen ReynoldsOwen Reynolds
  • Thank you to everyone at carthrottle for being able to produce the brilliant content this year. And I am hoping that next year will be even better

  • Can i just say, boy what a year it has been! Thank you for everything throughout this trying times! Love where this channel is going!

  • Really shocked to hear the podcasts didn't do so well I really enjoyed them, I'd settle for one a month though all the best for 2022 guys keep up the good work !

    Jonathan VazquezJonathan Vazquez
  • i love the podcasts when i’m making long trips on the motorway, gives my head and ears a rest from music constantly and it gives me a good laugh. please bring these back as i’m part of the podcast fan club lol

  • thanks for all the laughs lads, like the year before it's not been easy but everyone at car throttle has legitimately put some positive energy out into the world!

  • Thank you for all the content this year, really enjoyed watching the weekly dose of CT.

    William HolroydWilliam Holroyd