£500 Road Trip Challenge

WATCH PART 2 HERE: roburn.info/done/rIKOl5uU162rxpI/video.html
This week, Alex, Jack and Ethan undertake their biggest adventure yet by taking three £500 'First Cars' to see if they can make it to Scotland, around the North Coast 500 Route and back again.
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Comentarii: 3 584

  • This feels like a proper top gear challenge, so nostalgic.

    balalaiKa /balalaiKa /
  • Just discovered this channel, reminds me of top gear before they just got stupid and started blowing everything up. Cheered me up on a gloomy day. Keep making it.

    Keir BrookKeir Brook
  • The Golf looks pretty good to be honest, even the color looks pretty decent on it

    SNT MotoSNT Moto
  • This is such Jeremy, May and Hammond vibes. Executed to perfection! We definitely need more.

    Patryk BoniekPatryk Boniek
  • 28:15

    Danny ColónDanny Colón
  • I paused after seeing the scenery and now a week later I'm in Inverness ready to do the NC500 tomorrow, now is the correct time to finish watching 😂

    Kieran PenroseKieran Penrose
  • Yes chaps, this is what we want: no rich fella telling us about his car collection, or some car industry types waffling away. Just a straight sh*t box challenge. Its been done a million times before but somehow it never gets boring. 👍

  • You three Are actually the new top gear trio. With Jack being the leader of the group😁

    Magnus KirsebomMagnus Kirsebom
  • It's been said repeatedly but its great to see how far you guys have come, living the dream that most of us petrolheads want and it has been done purely through hard work and a great on screen chemistry. Keep it up boys you deserve every success.

  • The way he ripped that door paneling off had me dead 😂😂😂

    Carl LeathwhiteCarl Leathwhite
  • Brilliant episode, lads. Ethan looks so sorry for himself and absolutely broken at the end. Poor bloke! Can't wait for part two!

    Murray CrundwellMurray Crundwell
  • "Don't ever need to pay for fuel" Had me laughing hard! Love these mini series! Keep making this content!!!

  • This is the best Top Gear episode since Jeremy, May, and Hamster left.

    Kevin HunterKevin Hunter
  • On Alex's car, the temp 'shooting' up to 90 in traffic sounds more like a thermostat stuck open so that it sits well below operating temp on normal driving and only reaches temp with no airflow over the radiator.

    euan royeuan roy
  • This is one of the best videos CT has ever made, absolutely bloody brilliant!

  • So well filmed and put together it warms my heart 🤤

    The QuattroThe Quattro
  • Love how Alex parks in a way that needs him to push it as he's got no reverse 🤣 think Ethan is the only one who bought a sensible car

  • This has such a Top Gear feel! Thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll be sure to check out more of your videos now. You've just earned a new subscriber, gents 👍

    DJG •DJG •
  • The cameraman chiming in and giving impartial comments is an excellent addition! I always loved the relationships the Top Gear crew had with their producers.

  • Undoubtedly one of the best CT challenges yet! I have to be honest, when Jack and Alex left to get coffee and Ethan started dismantling the fence panel, I honestly was hoping he would put it in Alex's car as revenge xD Glad to see it's going to go to a good cause, though!